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Family First, But Business Savvy: The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring Family

So you’ve taken the plunge and started your own small business – a venture that likely feels like your baby. And what’s more natural than wanting your family involved in your entrepreneurial adventure? After all, they’ve likely been your biggest cheerleaders (and maybe even secret investors) from day one. But before you hand out matching company polos, let’s delve into the world of hiring family members – a choice that can be a recipe for success or a potential pitfall.

Family: Built-in Support System or Risky Business?

For many small businesses, family members are a goldmine of support, offering everything from bookkeeping help to social media promotion. They might even possess specific skills that perfectly complement your business needs. The question then becomes: should you hire them as official employees? The answer, like most things in life, is “it depends.”

The Salary Conundrum: Love or Leverage?

One tempting advantage of hiring family is the potential for a lower salary. They might be willing to work for less due to the family connection. However, this double-edged sword can cut deep. A discounted salary might lead to a discounted work ethic – a situation where your family member feels less accountable for peak performance. So, if specific experience or expertise is crucial, it might be best to look outside the family circle.

Sales Superstars: Where Family Shines

Hiring a family member for a sales position can be a win-win. They inherently understand your product or service and are likely passionate about your success. Plus, commission-based pay structures create a natural incentive – they get paid based on their performance. Sell more, earn more – a simple formula that benefits both you and your family member.

Fairness is Key: Avoiding Resentment and Building Trust

When hiring family for non-sales roles, ensure their compensation aligns with what you’d offer an external candidate. This fosters a sense of fairness within your company and avoids potential resentment from other employees. Remember, a strong family dynamic is key to a thriving business, and fostering trust through fair treatment is crucial.

Embrace the Help, But Strategize Wisely

There’s no denying that family can be a tremendous asset to a fledgling business. Their support and willingness to roll up their sleeves are invaluable. However, before handing out employee badges, carefully consider the role, compensation, and potential impact on family dynamics. With a little strategic planning, you can leverage the power of family while ensuring your business thrives.

Protecting Your Business: Invest in Peace of Mind

As you build your business, having a solid small business insurance plan in place is essential. Our independent agents offer a variety of customizable plans designed to protect your investment and hard work. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and get ready to watch your family business blossom!

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